Arbour Crest


Arbour Crest provides a complete suite of services including;
Arboricultural Services
, Plant Health Care & Integrated Pest Management (IPM),
Landscape Solutions and Snow and Ice Management

Arboricultural Services:

When considering hiring someone to care for your trees, we strongly recommend hiring an ISA Certified Arborist. Being certified indicates that the arborist has competent experience, knowledge, and training when it comes to tree care and is committed to staying current in the profession.

Pruning: Deciduous trees have different pruning cycles. Some should be pruned every year, some every two to three and some every three to five years. We use proper pruning techniques so that the tree can seal over properly and heal quickly. In order to prune a tree properly it often requires climbing; we use arborist ropes, saddles, and take all necessary safety precautions in order to thoroughly prune the tree.

High Reach Equipment: With the use of a bucket truck our tree crews can provide safe/efficient services for our clients.

Ornamental Tree, Hedge, and Shrub Shaping: We do not indiscriminately top trees. We do shape crab apples, and spruce when required using proper pruning cuts. This is often a great alternative to removal as shaping the tree will aid in its natural growth habits. Our specialty is the ornamental shaping of fruit trees. This requires proper horticultural
training and an artistic eye!

Tree Removals: When considering removing a tree, safety is always critical. We might use rigging techniques to bring the tree down piece by piece, or we can pull the tree over if there is room and it’s safe to do so. We ensure the safety of human and physical assets in the approach we use for removals. We will haul the wood away or leave it for firewood (at the customer’s discretion).

Dutch Elm Disease Prevention: When an elm has to be removed this can be done at any time. All branches and wood have to go to the City landfill and the stump needs to be ground below grade. Elm trees need to be pruned at least every 3-4 years, this is only done when the trees are dormant from September 1st to March 31st. The branches and pruning debris need to be sent to the landfill.

Hazardous/Storm Damaged Trees: That tree that is split in two, may not need to be removed! If possible, we will perform tree surgery and keep the tree around for many years.

Stump Grinding: We thoroughly grind the tree stumps including all the tree’s surface roots. Stump-grinding can be a dangerous job but we take necessary precautions to minimize damage.

Tree Value Estimator: Trees have market value much like real estate because they serve a functional and/or aesthetic role in both the rural and urban landscape. In order to receive financial compensation for the loss of a tree, a value needs to be established. Arbour Crest is now certified to aid in this process. Tree appraisal is not a precise process due in part to its subjective nature. Trees that are small enough to be replaced with a similar-sized nursery tree can easily be appraised by determining the cost of replacement, which typically includes the cost of removing the dead tree, installation and post-planting care.

Consultations/Tree Risk Assessments: We provide tree care consultations on a per-hour basis. As well, our ISA Certified Arborists can administer a tree risk assessment that presents tree owners and risk managers with the information to make informed decisions to enhance tree benefits, health, and longevity.



Plant Health Care & IPM:

Systemic injection

BioForest Tree Injection System for Pest Control: Our system for delivering effective pest control is the first in the province and is here to suit your needs. Our system allows us to inject the product into your trees systemically with little to no interference to the environment or beneficial insects. Treatments can last up to two years, further reducing environmental effects and lowering cost.

Deep-Root Fertilizing: If you’ve watched your birch tree wither away, if you have young trees and shrubs that need a boost, or if you are having trouble with the colour of your old spruce, we have the solution.  We strongly recommend our custom fertilizer mix applied twice per year to keep your trees healthy, disease-resistant, and in good colour. We challenge you to try out our fertilizing services…we’re certain you’ll see a difference (and your trees will feel the difference)!

EcoTea: By mixing compost with water and culturing for a limited period, we can produce compost tea, either aerated compost tea or not. Compost teas are used for their beneficial effect on plants. Currently Arbour Crest is using EcoTea™ its the best choice for farmers and landscape managers because all the biological communities are cultivated in house. – NO OUTSOURCING – EcoTea™ is USDA and Pro-Cert approved as an organic crop input. High-quality compost refers to compost that is high in microbiological activity. Compost tea is made by two brewing methods: non-aerated method, and aerated method. For both methods of compost tea production, microbial food may or may not be added. Compost contains a diverse group of organisms dominated by bacteria and fungi participating in the decomposition of organic matter. Dilution of the tea prior to foliar or drench application may increase the amount of nutrients absorbed from our soluble injection program and mitigate unwanted fungal populations.

More information on Eco-Tea’s Compost tea

Eco-team TM:


Landscape Solutions:

When considering hiring someone to install your landscapes, we strongly recommend hiring a CNLA Certified Landscape Technician. Being certified indicates that the landscaper has a solid knowledge of landscape construction and is committed to staying current in the profession.

BaumaLite Tree Spade: Our new tree spade can securely transport trees up to 3″ in diameter. Did you just plant a tree but are re-thinking its location? Give us a call and we will let you know the best option.

Lot Sweeping: We use a skid-steer with a sweeper attachment, a dump truck and other tools to professionally clean your lot. If dust is a problem we will use water to wet the lot. Lot sweeping services provide an essential clean-up after a winter of gravel and salt. Call us soon for a quote and we will get you booked in!

Bobcat Services: We will contract out our skid-steer and operator to help with any job big or small.

Yard Renovations/New Yard Installations: Starting from scratch or just looking to make some changes? Working with you, we can make your dream yard a reality. From yard sub-grading to laying the final piece of sod we have trained professionals to do the work for you. We can expand your existing shrub beds or create new ones altogether. From concept to completion, we take pride in our services.

Tree, Shrub and Shelter-belt Planting: We will help select trees that are suitable to the size, area, and look of your yard. Our trained staff will then plant them properly according to the ISA Standards.

Irrigation: We provide irrigation start-up in the Spring and sprinkler blowouts in the Fall. As well we can fix sprinkler heads and do a complete audit of your system to make sure everything is working properly.

Mulch Delivery and Installation: We provide economical mulch services. We can custom order and install various grades and colours of mulch to keep your yard low maintenance. Mulch is a great idea for water, weed control, and much more.

Spring clean-ups: Give your lawn the right start in the spring with a power-raking, mowing and aerating.

Gardening Services: We can help spruce up and maintain your yard.  From spring clean-ups to winter preparation, we can help keep the weeds and grasses from taking over.

Network of contractors:
We regularly partner with several companies to provide the homeowner with quality services. Our network of contractors includes:

¨      Landscape designers
¨      Landscape contractors
¨      Landscaping product suppliers
¨      Turfgrass maintenance
¨      Tree spade services
¨      Soil sampling labs
¨      Line painting


Snow & Ice Management:

Residential Snow Removal Services: For residential sites we provide snow clearing with shovels, snow blowers, sweepers and trucking/bobcat services if requested. We can do seasonal or custom contracts to suit your needs.

Commercial Snow Removal Services: For commercial sites we provide a Bobcat to clear the snow. We also have trucks for hauling away the snow when the piles get too large.

Gravel Services: Great idea for parking lots and condo laneways. We fill our truck with
pea gravel and salt (if requested) to provide traction on slippery ice.

Roof Top Snow Removal: We can remove (and are insured to remove!) snow from the roof of your home.  With the help of our bucket truck or just with shovels, we can remove the snow from your roof before it melts and turns to ice.  We can then move the fallen snow away from the foundation of your home so there is less risk of flooded basements.

Christmas Lights: Working efficiently and safely with our bucket truck we can install and remove your Christmas lights and seasonal outdoor decorations. We can also store them for the off-season to avoid taking up space in your garage or basement.



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